Putting the Data Pieces Together: Dig Security at Black Hat 2023

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Putting the Data Pieces Together: Dig Security at Black Hat 2023

Black Hat USA 2023 is almost here! In just a few short weeks, data and cybersecurity experts, researchers, and industry leaders from all around the world will be meeting up under the neon lights of Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited.

This year, Black Hat is a 6-day program featuring specialized training, insightful briefings, cutting-edge demos, extensive networking opportunities, and the highly anticipated launch of the 'Certified Pentester' program. This is the place to be for organizations, professionals, and leaders at the forefront of cloud data security, in an era where cloud technologies play an increasingly pivotal role in organizational landscapes. And if you’re going to be there too, we'd love to meet you!

Right now is an exhilarating era of transformative change in cloud data security, making it a top priority for organizations, and a topic at the forefront of the agenda at Black Hat – and for good reason. Businesses are embracing cloud services like never before, propelling the volume of cloud data to skyrocket with an estimated surge of over 60% of enterprise data now being stored in the cloud. A typical organization works with 20 or more different data types spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of instances within the organization. And from the intricacies of the shared responsibility model to the potential pitfalls of human error, vulnerabilities, over-permissioning, and even insider threats, data security requires constant vigilance. 

To succeed, organizations must be able to answer these increasingly difficult questions:

  • What data do we have?
  • Who has access to it?
  • How can we detect and stop data exfiltration?

And it’s amidst this complex, multi-piece backdrop that the need for a cutting-edge data security platform has arisen. In fact, Gartner’s 2023 Innovation Insight report stated that, “By 2026, more than 20% of organizations will deploy DSPM technology due to the urgent requirements to identify and locate previously unknown data repositories and mitigate associated security and privacy risks.” The Dig Data Security Platform helps organizations put all the pieces together, so you can discover, classify, protect, and govern your cloud data. We are the first and only data security platform to combine data security posture management (DSPM), cloud data loss prevention (DLP), and real-time data detection and response (DDR) capabilities. 

  • DSPM uncovers data misconfigurations, access anomalies, and data vulnerabilities and can quickly evaluate and enhance the enforcement of data security measures, effectively mitigating business risks.
  • DLP safeguards organizations by proactively monitoring and stopping the unauthorized transfer of sensitive data.
  • DDR delivers detection and response of emerging threats, so you can monitor and respond to risks in real-time.

Meet our data security experts at Black Hat (booth #579) to learn more about how Dig can help your organization unleash the full power of data security in increasingly complex cloud environments.

Learn more about the Dig Data Security Platform here. Book a meeting at Black Hat here.


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