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Protect patient information in cloud environments

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Dig For Healthcare

Protect patient information in cloud environments

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Discover PHI and streamline HIPAA compliance with data stored on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake

With the cost of healthcare data breaches reaching all-time highs, protecting patient information has become the number one challenge for modern healthcare organizations. Identifying where PHI data resides in various public cloud environments can help you avoid unnecessary penalties and HIPAA violations.it's time to reduce overall risk.


Cost of data breach for the healthcare industry

IBM Security

Annual penalties for HIPAA violations

HIPAA Journal

Average payout for
a ransomware attack


Protect patient data and medical records from ransomware across various cloud services

  • Find PHI and sensitive data on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake
  • Ensure that data remains within allowed services

Prevent leakage of healthcare data by strengthening your healthcare data security posture

  • Assess the healthcare data security posture of ePHI data across cloud solutions to better tighten your access policies
  • Prioritize remediation with a data-first approach to improve your loosely configured access permissions and overall data posture issues
  • Monitor changes to the security, usage, and unauthorized disclosure of PHI with real-time alerts and remediation

Streamline your HIPAA compliance reporting and avoid unnecessary penalties

  • Gain full visibility into all PHI and medical record locations within your cloud services
  • Apply a single policy engine to track changes to data movements that can impact compliance

Shadow data is a growing blind spot that you need to address

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