Data Flow Monitoring

When data moves, you need to stay on top of it. Dig helps you understand how sensitive data is replicated or consumed across your cloud environments. And it prioritizes the movement of data that puts you at risk of exfiltration or compliance violations.

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Understand your data estate

See how data is replicated between services, owners, and clouds to make better informed security decisions

Prevent compliance
violations at every stage

Monitor and detect workloads that move data into non-compliant environments

Contextualize data risk

Find data flow patterns that put your data at risk, and prioritize the pipelines that move sensitive data

Identify sensitive data at rest,
in use, and in motion

Dig tracks the movement of your sensitive data so you can stay abreast of developments and stay secure.

  • Maintain data lineage visibility
  • Monitor data flows between environments
(e.g. prod → dev)
  • Follow the data path to unauthorized actors
to understand how it got there

Determine when your data may become non-compliant

Dig alerts you when certain data flows put you at risk 
of a compliance violation.

  • PCI-DSS data copied between environments
  • Healthcare records moved into unencrypted storage
  • PII moved into non-compliant regions that
violate sovereignty and residency requirements
(e.g. GDPR, CCPA)

Identify those on each side 
of a data transfer

Sensitive data flowing into an unauthorized account is a breach event. Dig enables you to act before it reaches that point.

  • Recognize when data leaves your cloud account
  • See who has access to data at the source and the target
  • Stop data from flowing into unmonitored 
data stores
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