Quantify data risk before and after company sales and acquisitions

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High-value business transactions are accompanied by high risk and high expenses. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, quantifying that risk requires access to data, including that residing in the cloud.

Given the high stakes of M&As, it’s no surprise that Gartner recommends that leaders consider cybersecurity a significant factor in the due diligence process.

Amount deducted from agreed-upon Yahoo sales price after disclosure of three breaches
Average cost of a breach in public cloud environment
IBM Security
Organizations that experienced critical cybersecurity issues during M&A process

Launch the due diligence process with a cybersecurity assessment of all data across all clouds

  • Discover and classify active and shadow data assets in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake to find PII, PCI,PHI, and other buried “crown jewels”
  • Accelerate discovery with automated classifiers for all major regulations, including FTC, GLBA, and SOX
  • Define custom classifiers to find sensitive information across managed and unmanaged data assets

Quantify risk associated with data exposure in target companies

  • Assess your data security posture across all sensitive data assets to tighten access permissions, fix data misconfigurations, and govern active identities
  • Detect security blind spots such as database backups containing sensitive information
  • Follow a prioritized list of actions to remediate security issues starting with the most sensitive data issues that could lead to a data breach

Identify and respond to data risks in real time  to ensure successful divestitures

  • Get alerts when sensitive data is either illegitimately copied or exfiltrated from your company clouds
  • Continuously monitor all data-related events to know in real time when an event that does not initially appear suspicious may, in fact, lead to a data breach
  • Immediately notify  your SOC team with newly detected events through automated messaging integration over email, Slack, Torq, and other webhook integrations