Classify, comply, and secure all your cloud data

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Increasingly stringent compliance regulations (e.g. GDPR, PCI, HIPAA) require that you identify PII, PHI, biometric, trade secrets, location, and other characteristics of your data.

To do that requires classifying your data.
The foundation of any effective cloud data security solution, classification is essential for ensuring data loss prevention (DLP) across multiple public cloud environments.
Classification is also a great first step to a comprehensive solution. One that covers all your bases, including eliminating static data risk and receiving alerts when data is about to exfiltrate your cloud. And one that pays off: by consolidating all of your security needs under a single umbrella, you can lower costs by up to 20% and enjoy peace of mind.

Internal company files containing sensitive data that employees can access
Average amount of stale data in organizations
Organizations concerned about data privacy in cloud environments

Strengthen your data security posture and reduce cloud-driven data exposure

  • Assess your data security posture across all data assets, including access permissions, data misconfigurations, and active identities
  • Identify security blind spots such as database backups containing sensitive information
  • Detect and respond to data security and compliance issues, like the creation of external data flows containing sensitive information, as soon as they happen

Gain visibility and classification of all your data

  • Discover and classify all active and unmanaged data assets in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake to find PII, PCI, PHI, and other buried “crown jewels”
  • Accelerate compliance readiness with automated classifiers for all major regulations, including FTC, GLBA, and SOX
  • Define custom classifiers to find sensitive information across managed and unmanaged data assets stored in PaaS and IaaS deployments
  • Utilize an agentless, auto-connect solution that understands the context of your data and how it moves across cloud services, while not impacting your production environment

Protect your most sensitive data from exfiltrating your cloud

  • Apply cloud DLP with real-time data detection and response (DDR) to better cope with cloud data sprawl
  • Lower overall security costs by up to 20% by adopting a comprehensive data-centric solution
  • Integrate security incidents into your cyber operations teams to automate response and increase visibility

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