Data Access Governance

Preventing unauthorized access to data lies at the heart of every cybersecurity initiative. But complex IAM policies, cross-account permissions, and cloud service sprawl make this apparently basic task quite challenging. Dig’s data access governance capabilities give you the tools to map your critical data assets, permissions, and identities, to assign data owners, and to ensure that no sensitive information falls into the wrong hands.

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Reduce the risk of exfiltration

Ensure that the least-privileged principle is enforced when it comes to your sensitive data

Create accountability for security and compliance

Know who owns each sensitive dataset, and who is responsible for protecting it

Make sense of permission sprawl

Find out who has access to which data store, and what data is contained in it

Visual map of access holders

It’s easy to lose track of myriad managed permissions among your consultants, vendors, and employees. Dig offers a clear visual representation of your sensitive data, along with identities and accounts with access permissions.

Notifications for high-priority data access risks

You don’t need to know about each permission change, but you do need to know when something significant happens. Dig alerts you to varied incidents such as:

  • Cross-account access to sensitive data
  • Over-privileged permissions and applications
  • Unused or out-of-date permissions

Data access tracking across life cycle – in use, in motion, and at rest

Your data might be secure and compliant in storage. But depending on who has access to the tools that process, transform, or copy your data, the same may not hold true when it's in the cloud. Dig helps you understand the full data life cycle so you can plug security holes or eliminate compliance risks at any step of the journey.

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