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Address static and dynamic risks of data stored in multi-cloud environments

The retail environment is more competitive than ever. Retailers want full, 360° visibility into consumer behavior and the ability to quickly adopt new AI and predictive technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Increasingly complex cloud architectures, however, are making it harder to identify the trail of sensitive data that customers leave behind.

Retailers are frequently targeted by cyber attackers, while having to comply with a growing number of regulations. Dig helps retailers catch up with the demands of modern cloud data security to give you full visibility and control over sensitive data in any cloud service, in real time.it's time to reduce overall risk.


Average cost of data breach in retail


Maximum GDPR fine
(or 4% of revenue)

GDPR legislation

Average number of days to identify a ransomware attack

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Dig drastically cuts our mean time to detect (MTTD), and as a result, our mean time to respond (MTTR). By knowing which data we have and where it’s exposed, as well as by receiving accurate alerts, we can respond before it’s too late.
Tomer Kremer
CISO of Tipalti

Identify all PII, PCI, and other sensitive data that your business stores

  • Dig’s DSPM instantly scans billions of records across your cloud data stores, and identifies any security or compliance-related records (e.g. email addresses, credit card details). We’ll even find PII in scanned receipts or in other image data.
  • See every database or bucket where your sensitive data is stored, understand how it got there, and find out who has access to it. Prioritize your most important data and remediate security risks early.

Map compliance-related data to the relevant framework and identify violations early

  • Building on our smart data inventory, Dig gives you immediate insight into compliance-related data, which is mapped to the specific frameworks that matter to your business.
  • You’ll also get real-time alerts for data that moves beyond compliance, such as EU customer records processed outside of the EU or PCI data moving to an insecure environment.

Adopt new cloud data technologies with confidence

  • You don't want to leave security by the wayside in your race to find faster, more accurate customer insights. Dig helps you de-risk new AI and data technologies by showing you where your data is, who is using it, and how it's flowing through different services.
  • Your data teams can continue to move fast on any cloud or multiple clouds as Dig helps your security keep pace.

Address major security and compliance risks in real time

  • You want to plug security holes before they become data breaches, and address compliance violations before, rather than after, an audit. Most cloud data security solutions are slow and unwieldy, flooding you with more alerts than any one person can feasibly address.
  • Dig’s unique data detection and response (DDR) uses real-time log analytics to identify suspicious data activity and events as they happen, and sends actionable alerts that cut through the noise.

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