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Find and monitor sensitive data in OneDrive and SharePoint

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Enable cloud-based collaboration without jeopardizing data security and compliance

Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint can become a mess
of unprotected sensitive data and tangled permissions. As a result, trade secrets, financial information, or customer PII can hide among thousands of documents, which then can be shared easily internally or externally.

Dig offers you transparency into which sensitive data is stored where, how it is labeled, and who can access it – so you can move more mission-critical processes to the cloud with confidence.

Discover sensitive data across unlimited One Drive accounts and SharePoint sites

Is there a CSV with customer emails addresses in that Marketing folder? Is there a code snippet with an API key in that SharePoint site? We’ll help you find out.

See who has access to what data
and manage active links

Data in Microsoft 365 is meant to be shared, but security teams also need visibility and control over it. Dig shows you exactly who can access records that impact your compliance or security posture.

Find mislabeled files and improve
your labeling conventions

Dig integrates with Microsoft 365 labeling and Azure Information Protection (AIP) to audit your organizational classification scheme, identify cases where files are labeled incorrectly, and suggest ways to improve labeling.

Security Scenarios

Understand how Dig defuses common data security risks in Microsoft 365.

A CSV file is mislabeled “restricted” despite containing trade secrets, leading to excessive permissions


Sensitive data leakage, compliance violations

Dig Solution

Alerts security teams to the mislabeled file, and suggests labeling the file “confidential” to restrict access

A salesperson uploads
a spreadsheet with confidential customer
data into a shared folder


Overly-permissive access to customer data, data  breaches, GDPR/CCPA violations

Dig Solution

Alerts security teams, checks for residency and other compliance violations, and continuously monitors access

A database API key is uploaded to a SharePoint site used by developers


Data exfiltration, credential theft

Dig Solution

Alerts security teams, and continuously monitors
access to the SharePoint site

Security Scenarios Dig Solves for Customers

Understand how Dig defuses common data security risks

Shadow backups on S3

Security Risk

A database containing PII has been replicated to an unencrypted S3 bucket, which isn’t managed by the central engineering organization

Dig Security Solution

Dig automatically discovers the S3 bucket containing the shadow backup; classifies any sensitive data contained in the backup; determines the risk level (compliance violation); and alerts the security team.

Sensitive data on unmanaged data store

Security Risk

To test a new use case, a developer has spun up an EC2 machine, installed a PostgreSQL database on it, and loaded customer data into the database.

Dig Security Solution

Dig identifies any virtual machine that has a database installed on it; scans and classifies the data within the PostgreSQL instance; and alerts the security team that sensitive data is being stored in an unmanaged database.

Data exfiltration

Security Risk

An orphaned snapshot of an unused database,
which has not been accessed for a long time, is now being shared with an unfamiliar account.

Dig Security Solution

Dig identifies the breach in real time and alerts security teams, which can take steps to contain the attacker and prevent further data loss.

How it Works

Dig Protects Your Data Everywhere

Microsoft 365 is just one piece of the puzzle.

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