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Protect customer data in the cloud

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Protect customer data from the growing number of cyberattacks and comply with privacy regulations

As high-tech organizations embraced cloud services early on, today they are often exposed to new risks that extend the attack surface, making them vulnerable to data exfiltration and cyberattacks. In addition to protecting client information, you need to comply with privacy regulations such as EU GDPR, US CCPA, and FTC to avoid unnecessary penalties. it's time to reduce overall risk.


Average total cost of data breach for the tech industry

IBM Security

Average cost of data breach at organizations with 1,000 to 5,000 employees

IBM Security

Average cost to rectify the impact of a ransomware attack


Protect customer information and reduce your data attack vector

  • Gain visibility across all your data services, find blind spots, and identify dark data such as old backups and snapshots no longer in use
  • Find your sensitive data, including secrets, IP, and other organizational “crown jewels” on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake
  • Ensure that data remains within the allowed services

Strengthen your cloud data security posture to prevent data leaks

  • Assess the security posture of PII data across cloud solutions to better tighten your access policies
  • Prioritize misconfigurations and highlight best practices to improve your loosely configured access permissions and overall data posture issues

Improve your data detection and response capabilities to prevent the next breach

  • Monitor changes to your data-threat models and issue real time alerts when new risks are detected
  • Consolidate your data response with your security operations team to avoid duplicating efforts
  • Apply a single policy engine to track changes to data movements and avoid data blind spots

Dark data could comprise up to 90% of your business storesShadow data is a growing blind spot that you need to address

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