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Protect financial data in multi-cloud environments

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Dig for Financial Services

Protect financial data in multi-cloud environments

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Eliminate data exposure and prevent breaches of financial information residing on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake

As modern financial services continue to accelerate their digital growth, they remain the highest targeted industry for attacks year after year. Meanwhile, greater use of multi-cloud services is increasing data sprawl and cyber threat risk. Traditional tools provide no visibility of and control over sensitive data residing on public clouds, and they are unable to reveal how such financial data is being used or protected. That, coupled with the need to comply with ongoing industry regulations such as GLBA, SOX, SOC-2, and GDPR, means it’s time to reduce overall risk.it's time to reduce overall risk.


Average total cost of a financial service breach

IBM Security

Average total cost of a ransomware attack

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Average cost to rectify the impact of a ransomware attack


Reduce the data exposure risk in cloud environments with deep content visibility into structured and unstructured datasets

  • Discover and classify financial data assets on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake
  • Identify financial data security blind spots such as DB backups containing financial information
  • Save time with automated classifiers for all major regulations, including FTC, GLBA, and SOX, or define custom classifiers to find sensitive information across managed and unmanaged data assets

Secure financial data by reducing the risk associated with misconfigured data

  • Assess your data security posture management (DSPM) across all data assets, including access permissions, misconfigurations, and active identities
  • Prioritize remediation with a data-first approach to improve your loosely configured access permissions and overall data posture issues

Save money and help mitigate financial data security incidents by effectively responding to data breaches and other events in real time

  • Monitor changes to your data-threat models and issue real-time alerts when new risks are detected
  • Ensure the full cycle of data detection and response (DDR) through integration with IAM and SOC solutions

Financial data security’s biggest missShadow data is a growing blind spot that you need to address

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