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Discover, classify, monitor and protect your cloud data, using data security posture management (DSPM) and industry-first and only data detection & response (DDR) - real-time data protection across any cloud and any data store.

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Identify and Mitigate Data Risk

Gain security and control over your cloud data assets so you can protect against:


Ransomware is a major threat to the business. With data detection and response (DDR), Dig can stop ransomware attacks early in the kill chain before damage is done.

Shadow Data

Shadow data increases the risk of a data breach. With data security posture management (DSPM), Dig continuously scans the cloud environment to uncover shadow data and protect it.

Data Misuse

Data misuse can harm an organization and stay undetected for a long time. Dig helps prevent sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands.


The flexibility of the cloud makes compliance more difficult. With data discovery and classification, Dig regulates data and gives more visibility to compliance teams.

Data Exfiltration

Techniques cyber criminals use to steal data are more sophisticated. With DDR, Dig can detect and respond to an attack in progress against data stored in any cloud.

The Dig Advantage:
Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) +
Data Detection
& Response (DDR)

Real-time data protection across any cloud and any data store

For each discovered data asset, Dig monitors, flags and responds to any action that can lead to data exfiltration or compliance violations. The Dig DDR platform comes pre-configured with dozens of policies spanning 5 categories:


Activities of an attacker scoping the environment for targets

First Move

Alerts on disabling of security measures that increase the risk of an attack


Attack in progress such as data exfiltration, manipulation and misuse


Flags potential compliance issues like data residency violations

Asset At Risk

Sudden increase in attack surface such as severe misconfigurations

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Once a violation has been detected,
Dig can respond automatically via our deep integration with the organization’s IAM or IDP solutions upholding the zero-trust principle.

How Dig Works

Data Discovery

Organizations today hold so much data that it’s easy to lose track of what they have. Dig reviews your entire cloud data estate, across all clouds, services and deployment types, discovering shadow data assets and dangerous data remnants and prints that remain in your environment. In doing so, we give you instant visibility into your static data risk, including advanced filtering capabilities on all available cloud security measures.

Data Classification

Understanding the context of your cloud data - how it moves within your organization, how it is being used and by whom - is the key to prioritizing risk. Dig provides full data context on each of your data assets, including data classification by type, level of sensitivity and more, access auditing, data flows and privilege analysis.

Data Detection and Response (DDR)

Attackers can strike at any time. Dig’s proprietary policy engine provides real-time protection of your entire cloud data estate. Creating an extensive threat model of all data assets in your public cloud, based on our database of hundreds of real-life attacks, we issue alerts of any security violations and suspicious actions, in minutes.

Data Governance

Properly managing your data enables you to keep track of how it is used, when, for what and by whom. Dig empowers your business units to see and control their data, with governance that covers data owner assignments, risk evaluations and alerts on actions that could violate your organizational compliance standards.

Security and
Compliance Reports

Dig provides out-of-the-box reports for key stakeholders in the organization as well as external auditors. These reports can be used to generate executive reports based on clouds, regions and compliance standards, demonstrate compliance to auditors, and keep the entire organization informed and engaged regarding data security & compliance.

Consistent Data Protection Across Any Cloud, Any Service

Dig is partnering with leading  cloud providers so we works seamlessly and consistently across IaaS, PaaS and DBaaS including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Snowflake.

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Why Dig? Why Now?

Cloud computing is exploding and there is now more enterprise data in the cloud than on-premises. In addition, consider these trends related to cloud data protection:

A growing number of data security, privacy and residency regulations

The cost of a data breach is at an all-time high, averaging $4.2M

Insider risk is on the rise with remote work (35% of data breaches)

It takes an organization an average of 270 days to detect and contain a data breach