DSPM: The Missing Piece of the Cloud Data Security Puzzle

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DSPM: The Missing Piece of the Cloud Data Security Puzzle

As organizations increasingly move their data to public cloud environments, the need for robust data security posture management (DSPM) solutions becomes more apparent. 

With the rapid growth of the number and size of data assets in the modern enterprise, it's crucial to thoroughly analyze and assess potential risks. As multi-cloud architectures become more prevalent, the size and variety of data assets have increased by at least 4 times, resulting in the total number of data assets growing to 20 or more different types spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of instances. Additionally, microservices have replaced big, monolithic databases, with smaller services each assigned it own data asset. All of these factors lead to data sprawl and lack of ability to know what data you have, where it is stored, and who is accessing it.

However, in today's landscape, existing solutions fall short in addressing the comprehensive data security approach needed. For example, premises solutions, like DLP, don’t scale in the cloud. Cloud native provider solutions are limited and cannot support a multi-cloud environment. CASB only supports SaaS applications, leaving IaaS, PaaS, or DBaaS unprotected, while CSPM solutions lack a data-centric view, focusing solely on cloud infrastructure.

What's missing here is DSPM, which helps organizations understand where all their data is located, who is accessing it, and how to protect it. Dig Security's DSPM solution can also provide real-time data detection and response (DDR) capabilities, cloud data loss prevention, perform static risk analysis, and discover, classify and locate sensitive data as well as help organizations cope with the cloud's data sprawl.

While migrating to the cloud offers many benefits, it also means that organizations have less visibility and control over their data. To regain that visibility and control, protect data assets in the cloud, prevent breaches, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, a DSPM solution like Dig Security's is essential.

For an in depth analysis of why DSPM is vital for organizations with cloud data, download Why You Need DSPM today.


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