Insights Into Infosec: A Full Day of Learning at Triangle InfoSeCon

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Insights Into Infosec: A Full Day of Learning at Triangle InfoSeCon

Get ready to engage with innovators and experts at Triangle InfoSeCon, the flagship event of the Information System Security Association (ISSA) in Raleigh, NC. Guided by principles of education and information, Triangle InfoSeCon is a proud advocate for developing the next generation of Infosec professionals – providing scholarships and program funds to local school in support of Information Security curriculums. Dig Security is a sponsor of this year’s event, and we’re gearing up for a full day of talks, training, and capture the flag.

This year, Triangle InfoSeCon has curated more than thirty sessions with industry experts, along with over 50 exhibitors. For a drilled-down look at cloud security, we recommend Frank Carrubba’s talk “Efficient and Secure Cloud Computing Configurations: A DevSecOps Approach,” focusing on cloud cost optimization and cloud security best practices. We’re also eyeing “Protecting Data in a Distributed World” from enterprise cybersecurity expert Ken J Roberts, which promises a comprehensive, high-level overview of cybersecurity risks in today’s massively distributed cloud environments. Round these out with keynotes from Brian Haugli (Founder We & CEO of SideChannel, former security lead for the DoD & Pentagon) and Felix Nater (CSC, President & Owner of Nater Associates), and you’ve got an itinerary well-geared to expanding your infosec knowledge base.

Prioritizing education and development, Triangle InfoSeCon proudly features an event-wide game of CTF (with prizes 🏆). Come prepared for an all-day opportunity to put your security skills to the test in a series of challenges. Once you’ve cleaned up in the competition, pop over to the on-site cyber range training for real-world scenarios to help hone your technical and tactical problem-solving. 

Triangle presents an inside baseball opportunity for infosec experts and executives alike to develop a shared understanding of the exponential changes affecting cloud security, detection & response, cybersecurity leadership and more. After you’ve heard talks from the experts and won some prizes at CTF, make a stop at booth #40 to speak with the security experts at Dig. In the spirit of education, we’ll run through the differences between DSPM & CSPM (and why you should be re-prioritizing your approach to security), the importance of a quality threat model in real-time DDR solutions, a landscape view of cloud data security, and many more solutions to your modern data stack. 

One of the biggest themes at Triangle (and rightfully so) will be tackling the challenges of highly distributed data. Data security and GRC teams need a holistic view of the data they are tasked with protecting (such as customer PII and developer secrets) – whether that data is stored in a CSV in OneDrive or in an unmanaged MySQL database. Dig is committed to realizing that unified vision – and with our latest expansion to SaaS (starting with Microsoft 365) and on-premises file-shares, we’re one step closer to that single-platform solution.

We look forward to learning together at Triangle! And if you won’t be attending this year, reach out to us for a free data risk assessment, or request a demo to see how our DLP solution can help you.


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