On-Demand Webinar: The state of cloud data security

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On-Demand Webinar: The state of cloud data security

Enterprises are experiencing an explosion of data on public clouds. 40% of cloud resources are data assets, and the cloud stores 20+ types of data assets per enterprise. However, this leaves organizations vulnerable to a wide array of data security threats and attack vectors.

Our webinar exploring the state of cloud data security reveals that it is mission critical now more than ever to use tools built specifically for today’s multi-cloud environments.

The featured speakers include:

  • Dig Security CEO Dan Benjamin
  • CISO and Cybersecurity Advisor Renee Gutmann (former CISO of Coca Cola, Time Warner, Royal Caribbean, and Campbell Soup Company)

Some of the key takeaways:

How can security teams keep their data secure in the constantly changing cloud data landscape?

The first step is to understand what data the organization owns – where the sensitive information is and how it's being stored. The second step is to identify who owns each data asset. In this step, businesses have to ensure that they’re building out proper controls for data security. Third, all data stores need to have proper security posture – including encryption, logging, retention, authentication, authorization, and so on. Finally, each organization needs to have real-time threat detection capabilities.

What are the must-have elements for a cloud data security program?

Cloud data security programs need to be able to prove that organizations are providing appropriate protection and security for sensitive data. They also need to be able to show an effective incident response plan. And finally, a good cloud data security program should identify and respond to both static and dynamic risks.

What are the biggest cloud data security trends you’re paying attention to in 2023?

  1. Data Security Posture Management (DSPM): Organizations want to build data-centric security, which is the essence of what DSPM provides.
  2. Data detection and response (DDR): Organizations are adopting what is the equivalent or evolution of DLP for the cloud. As more data moves into the cloud, real-time monitoring of dynamic risks is crucial.
  3. Shifting up: Legacy apps are moving from on-premises into the cloud – and will continue to do so.

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Learn more about the speakers:

Renee Guttmann is the former CISO for Coca Cola, Time Warner, Royal Caribbean, and Campbell Soup Company and has over 30 years of experience managing technology risk for global corporations across multiple industries. Renee is passionate about the need to advance emerging best practices and retire controls that no longer serve the new threat landscape, and currently serves as an advisor to cybersecurity corporations and individual executives.

Dan Benjamin is the co-founder and CEO of Dig Security. Previously, Dan held cloud and security leadership roles at Microsoft and Google and co-founded 2 successful startups (IdMlogic, eRated). Dan is an alumnus of 8200.


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