Webinar: Dark Sides of Cloud-Based Data Engines

Sharon FarberSharon Farber
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Webinar: Dark Sides of Cloud-Based Data Engines

Cloud migration has transformed the way organizations manage and store data, offering numerous benefits in terms of scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. However, as businesses shift to the cloud, the attack landscape around popular database engines has evolved, presenting new vulnerabilities and challenges.

In our recent webinar, "The Dark Side of Cloud-Based Engines: How Vulnerable is Your Cloud Data?" presented by Cloud Security Alliance: CloudBytes, Ofir Balassiano, Head of Security Research, and Ofir Shaty, Senior Security Researcher, delve into the changing dynamics of database attacks in the cloud, advanced lateral movement and PE techniques, and feature a case study on a critical CloudSQL (GCP) vulnerability the Dig research team recently uncovered. 

Watch the full webinar below.


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