Take Action on Your Data Security with Torq and Dig

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Take Action on Your Data Security with Torq and Dig

Failing to stop cybercriminals has dramatic and long-term effects on companies. Businesses that don’t take their data security measures seriously and suffer a breach end up underperforming the market by 15% for the following three years. Every moment that organizations delay in seeing and responding to security alerts gives attackers time to expand their attacks, steal more data, compromise more systems, and make a full recovery harder. 

Even organizations with good alerting capabilities struggle to inform the asset owners rapidly. This is no small task, considering the enormous scale of the cloud, a shortage of trained professionals, and the organizational adoption of numerous cloud-based solutions. Keeping asset owners properly informed is impossible without the automation of business processes. Without this automation, alerts are missed and messages are delayed as security teams determine who needs to be informed and how best to reach them, leaving organizations exposed for prolonged periods. That’s where the powerful combination of Torq and Dig comes in, offering a comprehensive approach to data security posture management (DSPM) and data detection and response (DDR). With this game-changing solution, you’ll gain complete visibility, control, and protection of your data assets in the public cloud environment. Read on to discover why integrating Torq and Dig is the smart choice to fortify your data security and streamline your security processes.

Defending Data with Dig Security

Managing data security is a daunting task, with sensitive data spread throughout the organization on-premises and in the cloud. Understanding where this data is located and what risk comes with this data is unmanageable with manual investigation efforts, leaving assets left undiscovered and the organization left exposed. 

Dig takes a unique approach by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end data-centric security strategy, setting it apart from other security solutions. Dig is an agentless multi-cloud data security platform that discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive data. Dig’s classification engine allows organizations to quickly locate their most critical data and organizational “crown jewels” across structured and unstructured data assets. 

Dig takes a two-pronged approach to protecting sensitive data. It starts with data security posture management (DSPM) to discover where sensitive data resides, highlighting data misconfigurations, access anomalies, and data vulnerabilities that increase the risk of a breach. Along with this, Dig provides a real-time data detection and response (DDR) engine to discover data-related incidents, allowing organizations to mitigate the risk before attackers become aware. 

Integrating Automation Across the Organization With Torq

Companies are swamped by overly complex processes that require numerous manual steps to be executed in order. Many of these steps require querying data from other applications or system owners to drive the process forward. Awaiting individuals to become aware of the need to take these steps adds delays to following the process, expanding the length of time it takes to remediate even simple security issues. 

Torq is the glue that binds cross-application processes and functionality into cohesive automated flows. Using low-code and no-code design, previously manual steps get converted into automated flowcharts, moving tasks and alerting processes automatically and intelligently along. Torq has numerous application connectors allowing it to gather simple data such as asset ownership from applications, driving alerts to the proper decision makers. 

Unlock Data Security Synergy With a Powerhouse Combination

Dig and Torq pair well, augmenting the automated data protection powers of Dig with the automation and messaging capabilities of Torq. Dig embraces automation, using it for deployments as well as automated discovery and classification, helping organizations improve their security posture without overburdening teams with cumbersome manual discovery processes.

Organizations can also automate Dig workflows, leveraging information gathered throughout the organization to identify asset owners and decision-makers. This information feeds directly back into the workflow, helping to get findings into the owner's hands quickly and efficiently using communication and collaboration channels they are used to working with.

Real-Time Data Protection and Improved Data Security Posture

Dig continuously monitors your cloud assets to detect malicious activity, respond to policy-violating data activity, block data exfiltration, and eliminate data breaches. Combining this data protection with Torq’s automation capabilities to drive remediation via collaboration with data owners creates a more secure data environment. 

Automate Remediation Workflows and Data Breach Response

The integration of Dig with Torq allows Torq to collect actionable insights directly from Dig. These insights build into automated remediation workflows and data breach responses, allowing teams to more rapidly respond and mitigate threats, ultimately reducing incident response time and hardening the organizational security posture. 

Enrich Findings and Expedite Alert Triage

Torq builds upon the alerts from Dig by enriching the findings with data from identity platforms, creating a holistic picture of the situation. This information adds context to alerts improving prioritization rankings. This allows teams to make fast, informed decisions, reducing the time to manage alerts and reducing overall alert fatigue. 

Maintain Compliance

In combination, Dig and Torq help align data security efforts with legal and regulatory requirements. They operationalize and automate security processes to ensure that your organization remains compliant with industry standards and best practices.

Eliminate Ransomware from Your Cloud Environment

Managing ransomware is a race against time, the longer ransomware persists in the environment, the more damage is caused. The combined solution of Torq and Dig can detect and stop ransomware early in the kill chain, preventing data leaks and minimizing potential damage.

Maximize Security Team Productivity

Torq's comprehensive security automation platform unifies and automates the entire security stack, delivering unparalleled protection and productivity. This integration empowers security teams to focus on higher-value strategic activities rather than manual tasks.

Combining Automated Data Security With Automated Remediation

Integrating Torq and Dig into your security strategy is the only way to deal with the scope and scale of the modern enterprise. This winning combination is crucial for organizations seeking to enhance their data security posture. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, you can streamline workflows, automate remediation, and keep your data safer, faster. Trust the power of Torq and Dig to deliver the robust protection your organization needs in today's ever-evolving threat landscape.

Download Dig + Torq solution brief here.


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