Elevating Data Security Beyond Cyber Monday

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Elevating Data Security Beyond Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, a major sales event in the e-commerce calendar, ushers in an extraordinary influx of online traffic and shopping activities during the holiday season. Many organizations use significant events as a reason to shore up security without recognizing that the commitment to data security should extend far beyond the holiday rush. While the holiday season undoubtedly brings heightened cybersecurity concerns due to increased online activity, data breaches and vulnerabilities are not exclusive to this period. Demonstrating a year-round dedication to safeguarding customer data is paramount. 

Customers are becoming increasingly discerning and expect businesses to prioritize their data security at all times, not just during peak shopping seasons. Maintaining trust through consistent data security measures is necessary for companies aiming to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

The Perennial Need for Data Security

Maintaining a robust foundation of data security that operates consistently throughout the year is not just a best practice but a necessity for organizations in today’s digital landscape. It’s akin to regular exercise as opposed to sporadic bursts of activity. Like intermittent workouts, Occasional security focus may provide some benefits but falls short of establishing a strong and effective defense. In fact, inconsistent security practices set the stage for vulnerability and make an organization more susceptible to data breaches and cyberattacks. 

The consequences of such breaches are far-reaching, ranging from crippling financial repercussions to a severely tarnished brand image. The economic impact is often the most obvious, with IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report showing that the cost of a breach has risen 15% over the last 3 years to an average of $4.45 million. 

Customers are increasingly aware of the importance of data security, and they gravitate toward businesses that prioritize and value protecting their personal information. Recent surveys have shown over half of customers will leave a brand after a breach, leading to long-term business damage that is much harder to quantify. 

Building Blindly

Protecting traditional IT assets is challenging enough, but many organizations are fervently embracing cloud technologies to drive innovation and efficiency. However, a prevalent issue that often goes unaddressed is the lack of comprehensive visibility into what they have stored in the cloud and how it is being protected. This lack of insight into their digital assets creates a significant risk for the organization. Real-world scenarios abound where businesses have either thrived or faced severe consequences based on their approach, or lack thereof, to data security. 

A prime example is our previous blog, where companies like Uber and Twitter had breaches due to a failure to capitalize on their knowledge of existing vulnerabilities effectively. These companies, aware of existing vulnerabilities, failed to prioritize their most sensitive and critical data. To prevent these breaches, they needed to focus on assessing the sensitive data to determine who had access and if it was appropriate. They could use this to target controls such as encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect the data by adding continuous monitoring of data access patterns. They could have detected anomalies that might indicate a breach, allowing them to avert the compromise they suffered.

Laying a Strong Foundation with DSPM and DDR

Establishing a solid foundation for data security is imperative, and that’s where the combination of DSPM (Data Security Posture Management) and DDR (Data Detection and Response) comes into play. These two essential tools form the backbone of a proactive data security approach, safeguarding organizations against evolving cyber threats. DSPM allows organizations to improve their overall data security posture through discovery and classification. By discovering shadow data and improperly managed resources, organizations can take steps to reduce their attack surface which results in an overall lower risk. 

Complementing DSPM, DDR provides real-time detection and response capabilities, enabling rapid and automated responses to security incidents. DSPM and DDR create a formidable data protection framework that extends its benefits beyond e-commerce. While crucial for securing customer data in e-commerce platforms, these tools are equally valuable in safeguarding internal operations and other digital efforts. Whether protecting sensitive corporate information or ensuring data privacy compliance, DSPM and DDR offer organizations the flexibility and resilience to navigate today’s complex threat landscape. 

Building Trust: The Organizational Reputation for Data Security

Building trust is paramount, beginning with an organization’s reputation for data security. Organizations adopt a proactive approach with DSPM and DDR to ensure robust data security and cultivate a positive brand image. Customers and stakeholders alike are increasingly discerning, prioritizing businesses that demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding their data. 

This commitment goes beyond mere words; it’s about creating efficient processes and procedures to promptly address identified risks, streamlining remediation efforts. Organizations protect sensitive data and uphold their reputation as responsible information custodians by resolving potential vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. In an online environment where trust is currency, establishing an organizational reputation centered on data security is not just a defensive strategy but a strategic imperative for sustained success and customer loyalty.

Unlock Year-Round Data Security with Dig

Preparing for the holiday rush should no longer be a last-minute security scramble but rather a proactive embrace of data security as an ongoing commitment. Dig is your steadfast partner in this endeavor, offering the tools and expertise necessary to build and maintain a trustworthy data security reputation. Your organization’s data security posture reflects its unwavering dedication to safeguarding both customer trust and sensitive information. 

Dig Security provides a powerful data security platform for protecting invaluable data assets in cloud-based retail environments. Our approach combines the strengths of DSPM and DDR to fortify retailers’ defenses against potential threats. By combining DSPM’s foundational strength with DDR’s proactive risk detection capabilities, Dig equips cloud-based retailers with a formidable defense mechanism to preserve data security in the dynamic and ever-evolving digital retail landscape.

Take decisive action today by exploring Dig’s cutting-edge DSPM and DDR solutions and contacting our expert team. Together, we can ensure year-round data security, bolster your organizational reputation, and nurture enduring trust in the digital realm. Join us in making data security a priority for today and a cornerstone of your business’s future success.


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