HiBob Leverages Dig's DDR for Visibility and Control of Cloud Data

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HiBob Leverages Dig's DDR for Visibility and Control of Cloud Data

HiBob is an advanced HR platform for modern, multinational businesses. Since its establishment in 2015, HiBob has handled customer data through its cloud provider, AWS, by utilizing a mix of cloud-native solutions and in-house, niche tools. As HiBob’s customer base grew, so did its data. HiBob also steadily added larger customers to its growing portfolio, leading to greater security risks and privacy requirements.

The combination of these factors, together with an increase in cloud-based vulnerabilities, led HiBob to recognize that its non-automated legacy tools could neither handle nor protect the plethora of customer data across its system.

To keep pace with these growing requirements, HiBob decided to automate its data processes and seek out a data security solution. HiBob knew the right solution would have to be laser-focused on data: since the company uses multiple data services, the solution had to provide visibility for each service.

HiBob identified a number of competing vendors to test, and each one was tasked with onboarding HiBob’s customer data. Dig’s onboarding process was easy, thorough, and fast – less than one minute compared to a day or more for the other vendors. Dig also enabled full data visibility - their platform could not only find the various data services, but also define the type of file being stored and identify sensitive data elements. 

The Dig Security Solution for Hibob, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, played a pivotal role in enabling the customer to achieve their primary goal of ensuring robust data security within AWS. Leveraging the inherent scalability of AWS, organizations can seamlessly adopt Dig Security solutions without hefty capital investments. Paying solely for the resources utilized, businesses can embrace the utmost security and stay ahead of the curve.

Dig’s solution provides HiBob’s DevSecOps and SOC teams with visibility of all data-related events, enabling the company to automate resolution processes to improve its long-term data security posture. But Dig’s data security solution also goes well beyond visibility - HiBob’s environment benefits from Dig’s ability to deliver greater data control. 

HiBob currently implements all four Dig modules – discovery, classification, static risk (DSPM), and dynamic risk (DDR).

Sample of cloud services included: S3, Aurora, RDS, CloudTrail for DDR.

Check out the Dig + HiBob success story to learn more.


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