Streamlining Cloud Security: Dig Security Partners with Wiz Integrations

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Streamlining Cloud Security: Dig Security Partners with Wiz Integrations

Dig Security, the leading provider of cloud data security solutions, is thrilled to announce our partnership with Wiz, a top-tier cloud security provider, as they launch Wiz Integrations (WIN). As a carefully selected launch partner, we are bringing the full strength of our Data Security Platform to WIN, enabling seamless integration of Wiz into our customers' existing processes.

"A best-in-class cloud operating model reduces risk, improves ROI, and drives efficiency," said Oron Noah, Director of Product Management, Wiz. "That value proposition is what lies at the heart of WIN, and what partners like Dig Security are helping to make a reality. This collaborative philosophy brings real customer benefits and we are so thankful to have Dig Security on board for this launch.”

Once this integrated solution is live, WIN will facilitate collaboration between Dig and Wiz, offering our shared customers a comprehensive view of security findings, including inventory, vulnerabilities, and configuration insights, all within the context of their business operations. By leveraging this combined offering, organizations will gain a multitude of benefits, including the ability to prioritize vulnerabilities based on data impact, and a contextual understanding of their cloud security through the Wiz attack map.

In today's expanding cloud data landscape, CISOs face the challenge of complying with increasingly stringent data privacy, sovereignty, and governance regulations. However, most tools available are limited to a specific architecture, service, cloud, or policy, making this task more and more difficult. Recognizing the importance of this partnership in achieving compliance and streamlining security, CEO and Co-Founder of Dig Security, Dan Benjamin, emphasized that "The Dig integration with Wiz empowers customers with robust cloud and data security solutions to help them achieve compliance and streamline security."

WIN will empower cloud security and operations teams to effectively comprehend and manage risks across their CI/CD pipelines. Wiz sets the industry standard for integrated solution strategies, and our new partnership is a testament to that. We look forward to taking cloud data security to new heights with Wiz.


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