Dig is the First DSPM Solution to Support OCR For Image Classification

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Dig is the First DSPM Solution to Support OCR For Image Classification

We’re excited to share that our Dig Data Security Platform now has support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means Dig will now detect and classify sensitive data in image files, map their storage locations and data flow, and identify lax security policies or compliance violations related to these assets.

When security people talk about sensitive data, they’re usually thinking about records in a database or JSON files. But the Covid-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the process of digital transformation, leading to a large increase in the number of scanned documents stored in public cloud environments, like driver licenses, credit cards, passports and more. And with the widespread adoption of digital IDs, sensitive data is now being stored in digital formats more than ever before.

Since these image files often contain personally identifiable information (PII) financial information, or healthcare-related data, they are an attractive target for attackers. However, they can easily get overlooked amidst the millions of other files stored in cloud object storage, leading to blind spots in your data security strategy. Ultimately, this could lead to security risks, such as scanned customer records exposed in public-facing storage buckets (as has happened before); as well as potential compliance violations related to storage and retention of sensitive information.

Thanks to our new OCR capabilities, Dig customers now have the ability to detect sensitive data that is hidden within image files and securely transfer it to a protected environment.

“Today’s enterprises need OCR capabilities – they cannot rely on discovery and classification of text files alone,” said Dan Benjamin, Co-Founder and CEO, Dig Security. “There is an overwhelming amount of sensitive data in image files, and data left unprotected and unmonitored increases the risk of data exfiltration and breaches. We are proud to offer the industry’s only DSPM platform with OCR, providing our customers with holistic data security.”

How Dig’s Image Classification Helps Protect Sensitive Data

How Dig’s Image Classification Helps Protect Sensitive Data
  • Dig’s agentless platform runs within the customer’s cloud account and continuously scans cloud object storage for new and historical files. 
  • When relevant files are found, Dig uses OCR technology to convert scanned paper documents, PDF files, or digital images into searchable data. It then detects sensitive data such as PII, credit cards, and compliance-related records. 
  • Dig classifies the data and provides a visual view of the relevant bucket or database where the images are stored – along with associated records, lineage, and permissions.
  • Dig applies contextual threat modeling and risk analysis, alerting security teams in situations where sensitive data is at significant risk of exposure.
  • Once detected and classified, Dig uses DDR to continuously monitor files containing sensitive data, and alerts security teams in real time when such data is exposed (e.g., by being moved into a publicly-accessible bucket).

Use Cases

Dig’s new image classification features will be useful for any organization that stores customer data or sensitive internal information in image files, and who wants to ensure that this data is protected as part of their larger data security efforts. For example, Dig will detect sensitive data in any of the following data stored in the customer’s cloud accounts:

  • Scanned forms and documents: Manually-filled forms, archives, legacy system exports, scanned customer correspondence, handwritten notes.
  • Photocopies and digital copies: Customer identification (e.g. drivers licenses, passports), other Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation, bank printouts.
  • Digital images: Screenshots and digital photographs of sensitive data.

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The Dig Data Security Platform is the industry's first and only solution to combine DSPM, data loss prevention (DLP), and data detection and response (DDR) capabilities into a single platform. Dig enables enterprise cloud and security teams to produce immediate insights using its agentless cloud native solution that delivers a short setup time, zero maintenance, and comprehensive, automated response at scale.

Schedule a free risk assessment with a Dig Security expert to find vulnerabilities in your image and document files.

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