June Recap: Dig at the Forefront of Data Security

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June Recap: Dig at the Forefront of Data Security

June was an action-packed month for Dig Security, as we attended several major events from Tel Aviv, to Europe, to the US, reaffirming our position at the forefront of data security. From engaging in thought-provoking discussions to sharing valuable insights, here are the highlights of our eventful June:

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2023

We kicked off the month with the highly anticipated Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2023 in National Harbor, MD, June 5th-7th. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Benjamin, was in attendance at this prestigious event, which brought together security and risk management leaders. The summit aimed to enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of security risk management techniques and technology for mission-critical objectives. As a distinguished leader in the field, Dan Benjamin eagerly engaged in informative sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and valuable networking opportunities and his presence at the summit showcased Dig Security's commitment to safeguarding businesses and driving the industry forward.

C-Vision International

C-Vision International

Next on our event list was C-Vision International in Boston on June 8th. Dan Benjamin took the stage to deliver a talk titled "Tackling data security in the multi-cloud era," shedding light on how organizations should approach data security in the ever-evolving multi-cloud era. Dan emphasized the significance of data security posture management (DSPM), real-time data detection and response (DDR), and cloud data loss prevention (DLP) as essential components of a comprehensive cloud data security solution. He also addressed the challenges presented by the shift towards public clouds and the subsequent loss of visibility, control, and governance over data.

Team8 CISO Summit + CISO Village Award Winners 🏆

CISO Village Award Winners

We were thrilled to attend the Team8 CISO Summit, June 18th-23rd, where leading CISOs from top enterprises worldwide gathered to collaborate and share insights. Dan Benjamin gave an award-winning presentation about how Dig Security is revolutionizing cloud data security with DSPM and DDR at the Team 8 CISO Innovation Night. His presentation earned Dig the CISO Village Choice Winner 2023 award. Check it out below:

Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity Europe

Our team made their presence known at Infosecurity Europe in ExCel, London, June 20th-22nd. Infosecurity Europe is the biggest annual meeting of the information security industry in Europe, and we had a blast meeting people from all over the world, talking data security, and sharing what Data Security Platform can do for organizations. 

Infosecurity Europe - Yotam Ben Ezra

The biggest highlight of Infosecurity Europe was Chief Product Officer, Yotam Ben Ezra’s captivating talk titled "Lost in Translation: Cloud Data Security Challenges and the Solutions CISOs Need to Know,” where the audience gained actionable strategies, practical approaches, and best practices to navigate the complexities of cloud data security through real-world examples.



Our journey continued to Tel Aviv for BSIDES TLV on June 29th, where our data experts Ofir Balassiano, Head of Security Research, and Ofir Shaty, Senior Security Researcher, delivered a talk titled "The dark side of cloud-based database engines." The presentation explored how cloud migration has revolutionized the way we work with databases but also introduced new attack vectors through cloud providers' changes to popular database engines. Ofir and Ofir shed light on the evolving database attack landscape in the cloud, highlighting a critical CGP CloudSQL vulnerability that the Dig research team recently discovered.

Cyber Week

We finished out the month with Cyber Week 2023, June 26th-29th at Tel Aviv University, one of the top cybersecurity events globally. This event brought together experts, startups, investors, diplomats, and government officials to share knowledge and expertise. Dan Benjamin attended the event, showcasing our revolutionary Dig Data Security Platform, which integrates data security posture management (DSPM) with real-time data detection and response (DDR) into a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to identify, classify, protect, and govern their cloud data effectively.

More highlights:

Dan Benjamin and Daniel Goldenberg, Director of Information Security at Plymouth Rock Assurance met for a fireside chat to discuss securing data across multi-clouds, key indicators for safeguarding cloud data, and essential elements for an effective cloud data security program. Check out the recap here.

Explore the article by Dan Benjamin in CDO Magazine, where he delves into the evolving world of data security. The article emphasizes the importance of dedicated data security teams and offers guidance on building a world-class team to safeguard data across hybrid infrastructures and multi-cloud environments.

Dan Benjamin had a Q&A session with BetaNews, where he discussed top cloud data storage risks, protecting data in the cloud versus on-premises, and strategies organizations can implement to enhance data protection.

We were honored to be named one of the 10 hottest cloud data security startups in 2023 by CRN. This recognition acknowledged our Data Security Platform, which sets new standards for excellence in cybersecurity.

Looking forward

June was a fantastic month that brought Dig all over the world, and July is turning out to be just as busy. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of data security, developing innovative solutions, and sharing our expertise to empower organizations in protecting their valuable data all over the world. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey as we continue to lead the way in data security.

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