Digging Into the Cloud

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Digging Into the Cloud

We are happy to announce that Dig, our unique cloud data security solution, is out of stealth mode with $11 million in funding and a top lineup of investors.

Dig’s full story began years ago when I was CTO of Google Cloud for startups. One of my largest customers experienced a significant breach.

“What happened?" I asked him.

“You guys happened.”

Google Cloud had introduced a new API allowing any developer with access to production to export an entire production data asset into a CSV – so the attacker was able to steal everything in one shot.

This discovery clinched something that was clearer and validated more every day: The nature of data in organizations was becoming chaotic – and the lack of control would bring on a new era of danger.

Fast forward to today, and this problem has grown exponentially within organizations. Now, there are many different databases and services, numerous clouds, and thousands of assets in a typical organization. 40% of cloud resources are data, yet there is no dedicated cloud security solution for it. VMs and networks have their Detection and Response solutions – but no such solution covers the cloud data stores which are typically the target of an attack. The solutions that do exist have relied on data exfiltration happening through the endpoint – but 91% of data breaches in the cloud never reach the endpoint. Also, no solution can really succeed when many of the organizations they cover don’t even know what data they have and need to protect in the first place.

After leaving Google, I linked up with old friends who, like me, had founded companies that were acquired. Ido and I had served together in the elite 8200 unit in the Israeli army. Gad had previously worked with me – I respected him, and we were very like-minded. Each of us was a passionate entrepreneur with deep experience in cloud, identity, and threat detection. Together, we had hundreds of customer discussions on cloud data security at Google, Microsoft, and Mimecast, with customers offering to partner with us to build a new solution.

Everything pointed to the same conclusion: Data security was a top concern, requiring a solution exclusively for the cloud – but no single such product existed to meet the need with real-time Data Detection and Response (DDR).

And so, Dig was born.

Our innovative solution first discovers what data your organization has across any cloud and every deployment mode. Next, we contextualize it – to understand who is using the data and why, how it is flowing inside your organization, and where the most important data lives. Then, we protect it in real time. With DDR ensuring data governance and compliance, no agents, and integration within a matter of minutes – it was the solution we always needed, but never had.

Partnered with Team 8, including our former army commander Nadav, and a group of exceptional investors, we are pleased that our journey has brought us here. For better or worse, the speed of innovation in the cloud doesn’t belong to the organization anymore – it belongs to the cloud. We at Dig are determined to help organizations keep up with the speed of their cloud data security.

Our team and customers are growing quickly, and we look forward to many exciting collaborations ahead. Contact us for a demo, or if you’re interested in joining us!


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