[.h1-green]Whitepaper:[.h1-green] Essential Elements for Cloud Data Protection

Don't let cloud data sprawl put your data at risk. As the number and variety of cloud data assets explodes, security teams are challenged with maintaining control over the data, securing it, and achieving compliance. Keep your data safe from misuse, compliance violation, and data exfiltration. Download this whitepaper today.

Key elements we cover:

  • The shortcomings of old solutions for a new problem: lack of visibility into data stored across multi-cloud environments, inconsistent data classification across deployment methods, and complex security policy management across multi-cloud
  • Issues cloud data security solutions can fix: shadow data, compliance violations, data exfiltration/theft, ransomware, and data misuse
  • Best practices for protecting cloud data: discover, classify, and identify risk with data security posture management (DSPM), and detect and respond to threats in real time with data detection and response (DDR)

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