5 Questions for 5 Minutes: Flip the script at Innovate Cybersecurity Summit

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5 Questions for 5 Minutes: Flip the script at Innovate Cybersecurity Summit

This October, industry leaders will seek shelter from the Arizona sun (330 days of it each year!) for the premier cybersecurity education and networking event, Innovate Cybersecurity Summit 2023. And true to their name, Innovate mixes up the typical expo format.

A Different Kind of Expo

Described by conference alum Joshua Copeland, AT&T Security Director, as “a partnership between solution providers and solution seekers,” Innovate Scottsdale is pioneering the reverse expo model. In this unique setup – for a portion of Innovate – leaders and CISOs sit at booths and vendors go to them, instead of the other way around. Each vendor gets 5 minutes at the booth, fostering quickfire engagement and offering CISOs wide access to many options across the marketplace. According to Innovate, “these short, focused meetings allow for CISOs to quickly vet out emerging technologies in an efficient manner.” 

On the Forefront of Cloud Security

Speaking of emerging tech, you can expect to hear a lot about data security posture management (DSPM) at Innovate. 

According to Gartner, almost two-thirds (65.9%) of spending on application software will be directed toward cloud technologies in 2025. And earlier this year, Gartner recognized DSPM as a solution to the complexities of cloud security. Yet the lack of real-time monitoring, detection and response capabilities in DSPM has led to further development of a new subset of solutions – Data Detection and Response (DDR). 

Enter Dig – the industry's first and only solution to combine DSPM, data loss prevention (DLP), and real-time DDR capabilities into a single platform. 

Top 5 Questions to Ask

Interested in learning more, but stressed about making the most of your time with our data security experts? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of 5 Questions for 5 Minutes, tailor-made to drill to the core of your biggest security needs + a sneak peek at some of the answers you may hear:

1. How will you help us identify what data we have?

Dig reviews your entire cloud data estate, across all clouds, services and deployment types, discovering shadow data assets, dangerous data risks and prints that remain in your environment. Dig provides full data context on each of your data assets, including data classification by type, level of sensitivity and more.

2. How will you identify who has access to our data?

Dig identifies who has excessive permissions to sensitive data, and provides context on access auditing, data flows and privilege analysis.

3. How can we detect and stop data exfiltration?

Dig monitors data in real time to alert when specific interactions can lead to a breach. Creating an extensive threat model of all data assets in your public cloud, based on our database of hundreds of real-life attacks, Dig issues alerts of any security violations and suspicious actions, in minutes.

4. How will you help us better govern our data?

Dig connects your business owners with your data to see and control who has access and how it was granted, automating approval workflows when excessive permissions should be revoked, to enforce governance across all critical data.

5. Is it easy to set up and configure?

Dig is a SaaS-delivered, agentless solution that installs in minutes and performs a risk assessment of the entire cloud environment in less than 24 hours. No need to stress about compliance – Dig ensures that data never leaves your cloud for any part of the analysis.

Dig Security Can Help

To learn more about how Dig Security secures your data, come by and chat with us at Booth 505, or book a meeting here.

Staying secure is more critical than ever. Join us at Innovate to learn how industry movers and shakers are preparing to face the challenges of data security head-on. See you in Scottsdale!

Not attending Innovate this year? Check out our CISO’s Buyer Guide for everything you need to know about evaluating a DSPM vendor.


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