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Welcoming Dig to Team8’s Portfolio to Solve Cloud Data Security

Introducing DDR: Data Detection and Response

The need for data security in the cloud has become increasingly apparent as organizations shift to complex environments with dozens of data asset types across clouds. The drastic increase in data asset volume and variety has created fundamental cracks in data security. It is increasingly difficult to know where data stores reside, what data is held and to ensure that it’s not being misused. On top of this, organizations’ inability to monitor employee or machine data interactions, identify anomalies in data asset access behaviour, and comply with security, data, and privacy requirements (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA), has amplified the recent surge in data breaches and attacks. Indeed, the Team8 Cybersecurity Themes Report for 2022 listed cloud security, and data security, as two of the top seven fastest accelerating trends this year.

Dig Security is shaping the future of multi-cloud data security by providing a real-time threat detection solution for data assets hosted in public clouds. The company harnesses native cloud technologies to provide an out-of-band solution to help organizations discover, monitor, detect and govern their data through a single unified policy engine.

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