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Dig Security Welcomes Team8 Co-Founder Nadav Zafrir as Chairman of the Board

Dig is excited to announce that Nadav Zafrir has joined as Chairman of the Board. With his extensive expertise in enterprise technology and cybersecurity, Zafrir will provide strategic direction as Dig continues to innovate in the cloud data security market. Zafrir is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Team8, which invested in Dig to solve data security in the cloud. Prior to founding Team8, Zafrir served as Commander of Unit 8200, Israel's elite military technology and intelligence unit, where he established the IDF's Cyber Command. Zafrir also advises Fortune 500 companies on the critical role of cyber as an integral part of digital transformation. With his visionary leadership, Dig is poised to drive outstanding momentum and growth.

Read the full announcement here.

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