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Data Security

Data security is a general term for measures used to protect the data an organization collects and stores. This includes preventing unauthorized users from accessing, sharing, modifying, or deleting data. Data security can apply to data stored on-premises, in a public cloud data store, or in a managed database service, as well as protecting data when it is being transferred over the internet. 

Common ways to secure data in the cloud include:

  • Encryption - converting data into a format that is inaccessible without the relevant decryption key (or password)
  • Access controls - limiting who can access certain data
  • Data backup and recovery - creating a copy of the data in case data is lost in a cyberattack or other incident

Cloud service providers also have a role to play in data security – including providing software-based security measures to protect data stored in their servers, physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data centers, and network security measures to protect against cyber threats.