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The only DSPM + DDR cloud data security platform for everything you need to protect in AWS

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Dig Security for AWS

Your data on AWS is valuable, and Dig’s comprehensive cloud data security solution is built to make sure it’s always secure. Our DSPM (data security posture management) capabilities allow your team to always have eyes on your crown jewels, while our DDR (data detection and response) policies ensure you’re the first to know when suspicious activity occurs.

Why Dig Security?

The Dig solution is directly accessible and transactable on the AWS marketplace. With a quick integration, no disruption to the production environment, and expert guidance, our DSPM + DDR solution enables security teams to effectively stay on top of your organization's cloud data assets.

Dig Security is a certified AWS partner for Global Startup, RDS Service Ready, and Plug and Play. As part of the partnership, Dig Security & AWS teams are working according to the “Better Together” concept, providing both business and technology benefits to their mutual customers.

aws marketplace

How Dig + AWS works for your data’s security

DSPM enables data visibility and monitoring; DDR detects and responds to threats in real time. We have both.

Discover all managed (PaaS) and unmanaged (IaaS) data

Generate data security and compliance reporting

Govern all data with access and ownership management

Receive real-time alerts for any data threat

Classify and prioritize high-value assets