Quantify Your Data Risk with a [.h1-green]Free Data Risk Assessment[.h1-green]

Identify shadow data assets, ransomware, data misuse, data exfiltration, compliance violations (SOC2, GDPR, PCI, etc.), and more.

Can you answer these questions today: 

  • What data exists across your clouds (be it AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP)? 
  • Who is using your most critical data?
  • Can you stop sensitive data from being exfiltrated or misused?

An Instant Snapshot of Your Data Risks

  • Recommendations to immediately decrease your data security risk – all tied to real dollar cost savings
  • A deep dig into your data estate – assets with sensitive data, their types, location, and the risks associated with them
  • An glimpse into how our data detection and response policies can alert you to potential threats and attacks in real time