360° Cloud Data Security with Dig Security & Okta Identity Platform

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360° Cloud Data Security with Dig Security & Okta Identity Platform

Organizations are experiencing an explosion of data on their public cloud environments, resulting in an extended data attack surface that can lead to a breach or compliance failure. Many companies have attempted to combat these vulnerabilities with tools such as Okta Identity Platform, an IDaaS access management solution for their workforce. And while this is a great first step, it’s not a full-breadth data security solution.

Dig Security’s cloud data security solution extends Okta Identity Platform to protect data beyond managing access policies and with the knowledge of the data in mind. Data security is top of mind for Okta partners, and many are seeking a solution that provides full coverage of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS data security, as well as DLP in the cloud. Dig’s unique combination of DSPM and DDR helps organizations that are looking for a cloud DLP equivalent to better meet their data security needs. 

Key use cases for our integration with Okta include:

  • Gaining a data centric view to access policies, including active identities for each data asset and relevant usage patterns
  • Obtaining Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) through data ownership, shadow data identification, and static risk analysis
  • Detect data threats in real-time and immediately respond with remediation such as access suspension

Check out the Dig + Okta brief to learn more.


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