Tackling Cloud Data Security

Protecting sensitive data is critical to prevent data breaches that can lead to devastating consequences for your organization.

Dig deeper into the importance of cloud data security and how to safeguard your organization's "crown jewels" in this webinar with Merlin Ventures.

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Get the answers to:

  • Why are we seeing such a high level of interest in cloud data security?
  • What should a data security platform look like?
  • How can organizations build the best data security team?
  • How can we measure the team’s effectiveness?

The speakers:

Dan Benjamin is the co-founder and CEO of Dig Security. Previously, Dan held cloud and security leadership roles at Microsoft and Google and co-founded 2 successful startups (IdMlogic, eRated). Dan is an alumnus of 8200.

Seth Spergel holds more than 20 years of experience building, selling, and investing in software and startups. Seth is currently a Managing Partner of Merlin Ventures, where he is responsible for identifying cutting-edge companies to partner and invest in. Previously, Seth was VP for Infrastructure Technologies at In-Q-Tel, as well as the VP of Engineering for ThinkGeek. Seth also spent 12 years at IBM in roles ranging from software developer to sales manager.